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MINI AIR PRO 2 Air Cushion Machine - Best Air Pillow Cushion Void Fill Machine on the Market

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The MINI AIR PRO Model is the best air cushion machine on the market! Air cushions sold separately.


Pack and ship like the pros. The affordable Mini Air Pro puts you in a class all your own; the fastest air pillow machine at the lowest cost. Take the headache out of the pack and ship process. Make your own void fill and bubble wrapping materials with the Mini Air Pro Machine. Use what the world’s largest shippers use to ship and protect their products. The world's largest shippers uses them because it’s been proven to reduce damage claims. You can use the same technology they use but at a fraction of the cost. Our bubble wrapping materials use air transfer technology which is better than traditional bubble. Plus it creates a more professional look to your customers, than packing peanuts, loosefill, or kraft paper. The Mini Air Pro can handle all your packaging needs – speed and flexibility.



  • Own your own Air Cushion Machine – no rental, no monthly film minimums or requirements
  • Make air pillows, void fill, bubble wave wrapping air cushions all with one machine. Air cushions sold separately
  • Air cushions are proven to help reduce shipping claims
  • Stop buying packing peanuts and premade bubble. Make your own air cushions as needed
  • Provides a profession look to your customer when they open their package
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable air volume
  • Ideal for companies shipping 80 to 350 packages a day
  • Speed: 82 ft per min (25 meters)
  • Size: 14.8 (L) x 13.4" (W) x 15.4" (H)
  • Weight: 22 lbs (10kg)
  • Rated: 120W
  • Voltage: 110-240V/50HZ
  • Adjustable Speed, Temperature, Air Volume
  • No belt, no compressor
  • Certification: CE, UL, PSE
  • Air cushions sold separately
  • Large volume film users: Ask about our other custom film sizes and custom print program – add your logo to our air cushions
  • One year warranty

To compare different types of packaging materials you need to compare apples to apples - so everything must compare on a cubic foot level. Simple math helps justify the purchase of an air cushion machine for your business.

Mini Air CLASI/PRO - 4x8" Void Fill Air Cushions
Roll length: 2296 ft which calculates out to be 96 cubic feet per roll
2 rolls per carton so 191 cu/ft per carton

Mini Air CLASI/PRO - 8x8" Void Fill Air Cushions
Roll length: 2296 ft which calculates out to be 191 cubic feet per roll
2 rolls per carton so 383 cu/ft per carton

Mini Air CLASI/PRO Bubble Wave
Roll length: 1476 ft which calculates out to be 72 cubic feet per roll
1 roll per carton so 72 cu/ft per carton

Pricing from our competition: One of the largest online retailers in this segment

Commercial Bubble
Roll length: 250 ft which calculates out to be 14 cubic feet per roll
3 rolls minimum order so 42 cu/ft per shipment
Approx. $126 per order plus shipping
Analysis: So, you get 53% more cubic feet of bubble from one carton of Mini CLASI/PRO Bubble Wave than one order of commercial bubble. Plus, we did not calculate and add shipping costs to the commercial bubble, as always, our shipping is free.

White Industrial Packing Peanuts
Bag Size: 20 cubic feet per roll
Approx. $29 per bag / shipping via freight only – too expensive via UPS
Analysis: You must spend $275 or purchase 9.5 bags to equal the cubic feet in one carton of Mini Air CLASI/PRO 4x8” Void Fill Air Cushions – making loose fill 55% more expensive. Plus, we did not calculate and add shipping costs to the packing peanuts, as always, our shipping is free.

If you’re still buying your bubble or loose fill from a big box store, like the big orange one with initials HD or the other one that starts with a “W”, please do yourself a favor and run kicking and screaming out of there! You are losing money on your pack and ship portion of your business! Although big box stores claim to be low price leaders, but they are not in the same ballpark for packaging supplies - do your own comparison and save.

    • Note: This machine will only require simple maintenance. The replacement of blades and the sealing mechanism is easy to do, but please see our videos before purchasing.