foot pedal for air cushion machine
foot pedal fro air pillow machine

Foot Pedal, Hands-Free Packing for Air Pillow Machines

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  • Foot pedal allows you to use both hands for packing the air cushions and packing the void fill or inflatable packaging
  • Hands free, foot pedal controls for with Mini Air Easi, Clasi and Mini Air Pro Model air cushion machine
  • Speed-up your packing process, an important part of your packaging supplies
  • Rugged heavy cast metal enclosure won't slip during operation
  • Can be easily installed
  • Large foot pedal, can accommodate oversized safety shoes
  • Power15A, AC110V/220V/380V
  • Measures: 7.9 x 3.7 x 5.0 inches / L200 x W95 x H128 mm
  • Please order the foot pedal by the model type of air cushion machine you have. All machines use different foot pedals connectors. This is a custom foot pedal