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4 reasons why you need an Air Cushion Machine.

Air Pillow Machines are now seen as critical equipment for start-up and small businesses.

Although we’ve been in the shipping industry for many years; some of us are just learning how to ship a product, or just starting a business that requires frequent shipping. Our goal is to sell more air cushion machine than anyone. Why? Because we’ve seen how air pillow machines are a game changer for so many small businesses. We are doing our best to remove any financial barriers to entry so everyone can join the air cushion machine revolution and:

1) Streamline your pack and ship segment of your business

2) Save valuable time

3) Reduce your costs 

   A) Protect your products while reducing shipping costs: Since 99% of an air cushion consists of air, they do not add any additional weight to the cargo. This means that by using air cushions, especially when compared to other void fills like paper, you do not have to pay additional transportation costs.

   B) Reduce Damage Claims: Air cushion with air transfer technology like our bubble wave product have been proven to reduce damage claims and are used by the world larges shippers for that reason.

4) Look more professional and retain a higher rate of your customers. Entrepreneurs with small businesses can see the immediate value of owning their own packing machine.


A complete line of Air Cushion Machines

The Mini Air Easi Machine allows you to make bubble cushion wrap - Bubble Wave, with air transfer technology for less than $600. Start making inflatable packaging and void fill packaging tomorrow! The Mini Air Easi machine comes with a starter roll of bubble wave and void fill square bags. Once you’ve tried our air pillow machine, we feel confident you’ll love it and wonder how you survived without it. And by the end of your first sample rolls, you’ll know what type of film you need to order,either more void fill square bags, 4x8” or 8x8” or more Bubble Wave wrapping air pillows. Our aggressive pricing on the Mini Air Easi machine has made us an industry leader. Our philosophy is once you try an Air Cushion Machine you'll love it and keep coming back to us as your companies grows and flourishes.

The Mini Air Clasi machine is the air cushion machine that started it all! It has a tried and true track record. Its a real industry workhorse. Compare our Mini Air Clasi machine against the competitions "mini" air pillow machines and you won't regret buying the Clasi especially since its hundreds of dollars less. The success of the Mini Air Clasi packaging machine gave birth to the Mini Air Easi and the Mini Air Pro air cushion machines.

The Mini Air Pro is a high-volume air cushion machine with a low price. Whether you’re shipping 150 to 2000 plus boxes a day the Mini Air Pro can keep up with your demand. The Mini Air Pro’s smart technology along with the accessories we offer, foot pedals for hand free air pillow production or our mobile carts, will help improve your shipping throughput as your business grows. 

We are currently seeing a lot of small businesses starting on Etsy, and eBay, that have been started by 25 to 35 year's old, from Generation Y and Z. Many of the younger generations have grown up shopping online and are used to  receiving boxes with bubble void fill packaging made from air pillow machines and would not think of using out dated packaging materials like packing peanuts or kraft paper that are not considered environmentally friendly.

To help clarify things, the math is simple.

You’ll get 72% more cubic feet of bubble cushion wrap from one carton of Mini Air Easi Bubble Wave than one order of commercial bubble. Commercial bubble also costs twice the price of a carton of Mini Air Easi Bubble Wave. The Savings are even greater with the Mini Air Pro Machine.


For those just starting out please see our definition of terms blog for a quick overview on the pack and ship industry. Or our tutorial blogs on air cushion machines.

For the Entrepreneur just learning about shipping we offer the following:

5 Tips on How to Pack and Successful Ship a Product.

The Mechanics of Packing and Shipping.

Have you started a small business and need to ship products or are you planning to send gifts to suppliers, customers and partners? The trick, and it is trickier than it looks is making sure they are in the same condition when they arrive at their destination as when you packed them. Reducing damage claims during shipment is vital if you want to maintain professional relationships with your customers, family and friends. After all, who wants to receive a broken gift or product. What are the best practices for successful shipping, here are some tips on how to ship a product.

  1. Right Size Your Box

It may sound obvious but using a box that is the right size for your product is an important aspect of shipping. Using a box that is too large for the product you’re shipping is a very common mistake. If you use a box that is too large, you run the risk of the item rattling around in transportation and becoming damaged. Use void fill air cushions like a 4x8 or 8x8 square bag of inflatable packaging. Using a box too small, and the product could become smashed, cracked or broken. Of course, using the right packing materials will protect your product during shipping. And equally as important is you want to use the right size box because you do not want to overpay for dimensional shipping rates.

For larger, more delicate products or gifts, you may want to use a durable corrugated cardboard box. For smaller, flatter gifts or soft goods (soft goods are clothing, linens etc.), a poly envelope of bubble envelope is likely be the most suitable option to keep the product protected during shipment.

Using eco-friendly materials to package your business gifts is an effective way for your business to reduce its carbon footprint and be seen in a corporately responsible business. In case you were unsure, packing peanuts or loosefill is not eco friendly but air cushions or air pillows are accepted as the most eco-friendly shipping products. As packaging organizations state: “Sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important from not just an environmental perspective, but from a business one too.”

  1. Packing a Box in a Box, Make Good Use of Internal Packaging

We’ve all seen the videos of the world’s largest shippers handling our boxes poorly, throwing boxes over their backs, tossing them over fences, dropping them, stepping on them… For more breakable items, for example, if you are shipping wine, candles or glass products use plenty of bubble cushion wrap, inflatable packaging, air pillows from the Mini Air Clasi or Mini Air Pro Machines.
It is not always the best look for the end customer, but when shipping products like heavy auto parts you can use recycled crumpled Kraft paper, to provide internal cushioning and prevent movement from inside the box.

When packaging a product to ship, use Apple as a source of inspiration, which is known for its clever use of packaging. As the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, said, “Packaging can be theater, it can create a story”.  And even though we’re talking about internal packaging for shipping, that is still the impact we’re trying to create – a beautiful story, theater. We want the receiver of the product to become a return customer or a happy friend.


  1. Wrap Each Item Individually

If your gift comprises of more than one item, a USB Charger and candle for example, be sure to wrap each item individually with plenty of air cushions, void fill packaging or bubble cushion wrap to protect them during transit. Think for the egg and what Steve Jobs said, “A hen’s egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!” Think of each item you’re shipping as an egg and you want to protect it. Unhappy customers due to damage claims, costs more than using a little extra air cushion packaging. Remember to fill out hollow items, if you ship a gift that is a hollow item, such as a vase or bottle holder, fill the interior with plenty of internal package like bubble wrap. That way the item will have extra protection during transportation when such objects are especially prone to becoming broken. Because of the air transfer technology, our Bubble Wave cushion wrap has been proven to be superior to standard bubble.


  1. Weight, Label and Postage

Although you already know what your product weighs, With the additional weight of packaging, it is important you weigh your product/box after you have packaged it. If, for example, you are shipping wine as a gift, weigh the wine once it has been packaged up. This will provide you with an accurate weight of the package. Add the Right Amount of Postage. When you have someone anticipating the arrival of a package, the last thing you want is for there to be a long delay in the recipient receiving their purchased product or gift. Putting the incorrect postage on a package due to insufficient weight can cause costly delays in shipping and could even result in the package failing to reach its destination at all, make sure its sent with the right postage.


  1. Postage, Special Labels and Tracking

Print your postage online. Be efficient with your time - time is money – even if you’re working for yourself. Print your postage online. Use an online postage app to print postage stamp conveniently and quickly to your desktop printer. If you’re shipping something fragile then make sure to label the box as fragile. Delicate, breakable items, like fine china, glassware and crystals, make beautiful gifts, give the item maximum opportunity to arrive to its destination in one piece by marking the package as fragile, so the carrier knows it should be handled with care. If the item you’re shipping is for family or your business, use tracking services when you send the parcel. Tracking services from USPS, UPS and FedEx, enable you to keep track of the location of your and provide proof of delivery when the package has been reached its destination. What’s more, tracking services are free and therefore won’t cost your business anything. 


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