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Adjustable Height Standing Desk, Electric Sit Stand Desk Frame

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Best Electric Standing Desk Frame

Premium design for the ultimate electric sit stand desk. Our premium frames is designed for one to two people, making efficient office workspaces. Single-motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame comes in at a far lower cost than other full-size standing desks and is perfect for offices, schools, home and most working environments. Thanks to our simple controller, adjustments can be made with one touch. At its fully extended height it measures 48 inches / 123mm, along with weight capacity of 176 lbs. / 80kg. Cable management shelf hides cable clutter for improved organization and aesthetics. Best electric standing desk frame - MOTORIZED FRAME ONLY – DESKTOP NOT INCLUDED.


  • Easy-to-use press controller makes height adjustment easy
  • Motor is thermal and overload protected for safety and longevity
  • Enhanced support column design increases stability
  • Strong motor ensures a very high stability level
  • Strong lifting power with low noise level
  • Switched mode power supply for energy and power efficiency
  • Cable management keeps everything organized
  • Adjustable width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
  • Choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color
  • High-strength and impact resistant MDF material
  • 4 adjustable feet level and adapt to most any floor surface
  • Desktop NOT INCLUDED


  • Material:Steel, Plastic
  • Dimensions: 40.2” x 27.6” x 28.7”
  • Suggested Tabletop Size: 47.22” to 70.9” x 25.6” to 33.5”
  • Height Range: 28.7” to 48.4”
  • With Range: 39.4” to 63”
  • Column Size: 60x60, 50x50
  • Power Input: 100~240V
  • Motor Quantity: 1
  • Leg Quantity: 2
  • Column Segments:2 Stage Columns
  • Weight Capacity:176Lbs (80Kg)
  • Max Speed: 38mm/s
  • Power Plug: Included